Pilot Shortage a matter of time post COVID.

Íslensk útgáfa

A recent analysis by the American management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, featured in CNN Business projects that it is just a matter of time until the airline industry will face a pilot shortage.

Though hard to imagine in the current climate, their findings indicate that we can expect a worldwide shortfall of at least 34 thousand pilots by the year 2025. The effects of the shortage will be felt by airlines as early as next year. This will be the result of increasing demand for domestic and international travel accompanied by the retirement of currently working pilots.

“While it will be close to two years before passenger volume globally returns to pre-pandemic levels and longer than that for revenue to fully recover, demand for pilots isn't determined by passenger volume. It's linked to flight hours and the number of planes flying, and airlines are already bringing aircraft back into service faster than expected to stimulate demand.” the accompanying CNN Business article states.

Global shocks have in the past discouraged potential candidates from becoming pilots and the analysis projects that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a similar effect. Taking a further toll on the number of pilots available to meet the growing demand.