Comments from graduated pilot students

Ninni Thisner"I started the Advanced Training Program at Keilir Aviation Academy in the autumn 2013 and finished summer 2014. A few weeks later I had the first airline interview and after half a year I flew the Boeing 737 for the first time and this is now what I do daily. I am very happy about my time at Keilir and Iceland.

Keilir Aviation Academy offered flexible training, good prices, motivated instructors, good resources and modern visions. In Iceland you get exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and challenging environments that makes it perfect for training. Just the option of flight school I was looking for."

Christina Thisner
B737 First Officer, SAS

"In the summer of 2013 I started at Keilir Aviation Academy and in the summer of 2015 I got my commercial license. After finishing at Keilir I felt very well prepared and motivated for my first job. Now I fly the ATR 72-600 as first officer and the feeling of working with my greatest hobby is amazing.
The professional staff, challenging environmental conditions along with flying the brand new fleet at a lower price than other flight schools made the choice easy for me. Since my first visit to the school I felt like it matched my ambitions and I definitely don't regret going to Iceland."

Mads Bech
ATR 72 First Officer, Jettime

"I was one of the first to graduate as a commercial pilot from Keilir Aviation Academy.  My experience with Keilir Aviation Academy was outstanding and I can highly recommend it. The modern fleet, experienced instructors and motivated atmosphere are only a few examples of the many benefits which have helped me in my career. 

After graduation I flew the Boeing 737 for a few years and today I fly the Boeing 757 and 767 for Icelandair."

Ragnar Magnússon
B757 & B767 First Officer, Icelandair

"I was 24 years old when I started at Keilir Aviation Academy in 2012. Moving to a new country and starting a new education really took me out of my comfort zone. However this was also one of the main reasons why I initially decided to go. To have a chance in the aviation industry you must be ready to move and adapt to new cultures.

My time in Iceland helped my achieve that and I think that was a huge advantage when I did my first job interview. I do not regret one second that I chose Keilir Aviation Academy.  I met some fantastic people that are now among my best friends."

Michael Dencker Lauritzen
B737 First Officer, Ryanair 

"I was one of the first Scandinavian students doing the flight training in Iceland. Moving to a new country was a big step, but the Icelandic citizens are very friendly and the society is similar to what I was used to in Sweden. After completion of the pilot training I worked as a flight instructor before I started flying the Boeing 737-800 based in sunny Portugal. 

Iceland constantly delivers challenges, both weather and personal but looking back I enjoyed every second of it."

Robin Farago
B737 First Officer, Ryanair