FI Refresher Seminar

Iceland Aviation Academy offers Flight Instructor Refresher Seminars on a regular basis. The next course takes place 5 - 6 October 2020. The course takes two days and is taught 17 - 20 each day at our faciliteis in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland.

The seminar is conducted in accordence with EASA AMC1 FCL.940.FI(a)(2) and will cover 2 days and will include a minimum of 6 hours of syndicate work, presentations, and directed study and include access to online instructional videos and computer based training material. The subjects covered include but are not limited to:

  • EASA Part FCL, AMC, GM and national regulations
  • Flight Safety
  • Instructional techniques
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Threat Error Management (TEM)
  • Instrument Flying
  • Navigation
  • Aviation Medicine

Course fees are 22.000 ISK for both days. Additional information at

Course Registration