New APS MCC Course in Collaboration with Focus Aero Solutions

Boeing 757/767 Full Flight Simulator
Boeing 757/767 Full Flight Simulator

In the past week, the Iceland Aviation Academy and Focus Aero Solutions entered into a partnership with the introduction of the APS MCC Course, the first of its kind on offer in Iceland.

The APS MCC Course (Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Cooperation), is an in-depth, enhanced MCC course designed to bridge the gap between ab-initio training and commercial air transport (CAT) type rating training.  This course will provide students with the essential qualifications to ensure a successful transition into a career in civil aviation through strengthening their knowledge of the CRM core competencies: communications, leadership and teamwork, problem solving, decision making, flightpath management, information management, situation awareness and applications of knowledge, workload management, regulations and procedures.

The idea of the APS MCC was born when it became clear that too many newly qualified pilots (50%) holding a CPL, frozen ATPL theoretical exams and ME/IR with standard MCC course, were failing their initial assessments when applying for pilot positions at European airlines. By increasing the instructional hours in the simulator, the APS MCC prepares new graduates for operations on multi-crew aircraft compared to the standard MCC. Even though the MCC course provides a pilot with basic skills, the APS MCC graduate receives not only the necessary qualifications but also develops the positive attributes in the core competencies, ultimately improving their success rates during airline assessments.

As stated by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the APS MCC course merges the standard MCC course with the previously unregulated Jet Orientation Course (JOC) and links the accolade of the commercial pilot’s licence with familiarity in airline operations.

The APS MCC course will commence with five days of theoretical knowledge training beginning on June 28th.   The students then progress into the first half of the flight training, using the ALSIM-ALX flight training device. During the second half of the flight training the Boeing 757/767 Full Flight Simulator will be utilized, offering first-class training for our students in one of the most sophisticated simulators available.

Focus Aero Solutions is an Icelandic EASA approved training organization (ATO) providing first-rate solutions for civil aviation operators and students alike. Through the new and improved APS MCC course, Focus, in collaboration with the team at the Iceland Aviation Academy, will aim to improve the success rate of its graduates through comprehensive training and preparation for airline assessment and interviews.

Please send registrations, questions and queries for the APS MCC course to Davíð Brár, our Head of Training, or Focus Aero.

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