• Professional Pilot Program

    Are you ready to follow your dream?

  • Become a Pilot

    Become a commercial pilot. The program is designed for students without previous flying experience.

  • Become an Aircraft Engineer

    The program is designed for students without any previous experience. 

  • Advanced Training

    ATPL, CPL, ME/IR, MCC & FI. The program is designed for students with previous flying experience.

Student stories

  • Christina Thisner

    B737 First Officer, SAS
  • Mads Bech

    ATR 72 First Officer, Jettime
  • Michael Lauritzen

    B737 First Officer, Ryanair
  • Ragnar Magnusson

    B757 & B767 First Officer, Icelandair
  • Robin Farago

    B737 First Officer, Ryanair

Keilir Aviation Academy offers ATPL training in Spain

Keilir Aviation Academy is the first Icelandic aviation school to opperate ATPL training abroad, with the first pilot students arriving at the KAA training site Barcelona earlier this summer. Pilot training now takes place both at Keilir main campus at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland and in Sabadell, just outside of Barcelona, Spain.
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